Easy development for your Team

Create clean development environments for your projects. Test your software in a production like environment.

With Rex/Boxes you can easily create your test environment with VirtualBox. You can use prebuild VM Images or roll your own. Read the quickstart guide to create your own environment in minutes.

Download a prebuild VirtualBox Image

To quick start with your project you can just use prebuild Boxes from here.


You have build an own Image and want to share it? Please send an email to box@rexify.org.


To use one of the available Images you can use the following commands.

bash# rexify $project-name --template=box
bash# cd $project-name
bash# rex init --name=vmname --url=http://box.rexify.org/box/ubuntu-server-12.10-amd64.ova

Available Images

Description URL Size
Basic CentOS 6.3 http://box.linux-files.org/centos-6.3-amd64.ova 672 MB
Basic Ubuntu Server 12.10 http://box.linux-files.org/ubuntu-server-12.10-amd64.ova 435 MB
Basic CentOS 7 (amd64) http://box.linux-files.org/centos-7-amd64.ova 532 MB
Basic CentOS 7 (kvm/amd64) http://box.linux-files.org/centos-7-amd64.img.gz 408 MB
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